Work for LEAF

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We help talented young people write inspirational stories of leadership and we also work on our own stories in the process. Join us and become part of the LEAF story!


What do we like most about working at LEAF?

  • “I like being part of a group where people aren’t afraid to live their dreams, accept challenges and motivate each other.


  • ”The team is fantastic and greatly inspiring.It teaches me to be humble and sincerely happy to be part of it.I see it as an island of positive deviation. Most importantly, it’s an island that keeps getting bigger and bigger!


  • ”It’s the people – the openness, support, welcoming attitude and respect that they show you from the first moment you join LEAF. I admire their motivation, their passion for what they do and their drive for excellence.


  • “The opportunity to work closely with inspiring people with a wide array of experience (corporations, start-ups, public administration, NGOs, schools) and extremely talented young people with a desire to grow.”


  • “I like working for LEAF because it gives me purpose. We aim high, work hard to achieve our goals but don’t forget to have fun on the way there.Because we care about the students and the other people we work with.”


  • “I always go to work thinking that I just can’t wait to spend time with our program participants.”


  • “A great opportunity to contribute to significant positive changes in Slovakia.”


  • “My colleagues have many diverse experiences, as well as different careers and life paths, so every day teaches me something new.”


  • “When I come to work, it feels like a small university – each moment brings something new and I can contribute to a great project for the country I love.”


  • “Everyday opportunities to take initiative and learn something new.”


  • “Various difficult tasks and assignments – you will learn a lot of new things and you definitely won’t get bored. :-)”



Job opportunities at LEAF

Data Analyst

Our main challenge is processing and screening hundreds of applications from talented individuals, which has become very time consuming and unsustainable. Your task will be to find or setup, develop and advance automatic system and processes for Talent Selection based on data analysis of our methodology.

General Support Techie

Main challenge: Deliver effective IT support to LEAF and LEAF Academy team members, perform hands-on technical maintenance tasks and basic troubleshooting. IT infrastructure for a growing non-profit organization with an ambitious mission.

Recruiter for Talent identification team

Main challenge: Select the most talented applicants for various LEAF initiatives ranging from high-school and university students applying for scholarships and internships to experienced professionals interested in volunteering or mentoring by implementing proactive and innovative methods to source talented candidates and providing support to various teams and team members at different stakeholder level.

Slovak Professional Abroad Program team member is wanted

Main challenge: Manage and coordinate junior professional opportunities agenda and participate in the administration of various SPAP initiatives and activities

Job opportunities at LEAF Academy

Operations and Administration Manager

Main challenge: Role of Operations and Administration Manager in early years of LEAF Academy is to oversee its daily operations and procedures and steer the support team. Manager Operations and Administration has hand in virtually every aspect of LEAF Academy, and together with Chief Operations Officer ensures all runs smoothly and that operational aspects of other departmental and student initiatives are anticipated and taken into consideration. Role involves planning, organizing, overseeing, coordinating and controlling the resources.


Hiring process FAQ

Let us take you through the hiring process step by step.

  • Check the list of current job offers and click “I’m interested” right under the job description.

    If none of the offers strike your interest, you can send us your CV and describe your ideal position in our team. We will add your application to our database and if your story catches our attention or we have a position compatible with your idea, we will contact you.


  • Here are a few tips:

    • We want to know where you found out about LEAF and the position you’re applying for. If you know people from our team, be sure to mention that.
    • Tell us why you are interested in this specific position or team. How does this line up with your previous work experience? If you haven’t had a similar job yet, tell us why you think you would be an asset for LEAF and why you think you would enjoy the position.
    • Provide a brief summary of your professional profile. What is your expertise? Write something like a LinkedIn profile summary. Ideally, it should catch our attention and make us interested in reading your CV.
  • Our mini-team responsible for filling the vacancy will carefully read through your application. We might call you and ask for extra information, which helps us get a more complete picture of our candidates before starting the selection process.

  • Its form depends on the position we are hiring for. It mostly consists of several conversations and at least one assignment.

    We never base our decisions on conversation results only. You can expect written assignments, we will give you a sample work task to solve or we could ask you to show us an example of your work. Don’t be surprised if there are more of us at the interview. All the people you will be working closely with are usually part of the hiring process so that everyone gets a better idea of what your potential work together would look like. This is why our hiring process usually takes a bit longer than you might be used to.

    The time between sending your application and hearing the final decision depends on several factors and can vary. However, it is not affected by you or your application. At any point during the hiring process, you have the right to know what phase your application is in.


Good luck with the hiring process! We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our LEAF or LEAF Academy team!