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LEAF knows that teachers are just as important as students. As teachers, you play a key role in helping the future shapers of Slovakia grow and develop. And we want to help you achieve that goal.

If you teach at a high school or in grades 5-9 at an elementary school and you care deeply about your students, you can join our mentoring program. It will help you grow both professionally and as a person, allowing your students to benefit from your experience. In the mentoring program, you get impartial feedback and inspiring advice from an experienced mentor.

  • The mentoring program will help you improve your teaching skills, such as lesson preparation, work with feedback and reflection techniques. You will also get various tips and tricks on how to make your students more active or how to manage your lessons (and even yourself) better.

    The program will teach you how to lead your students towards greater independence and creativity, allowing them to shape the learning process more.

    A nice bonus to the mentoring program is the fact that that you will discover a community of like-minded teachers from all over Slovakia who want to work on their development just as much as you. You can share experiences and information with them and you can continue helping each other even after you finish the program.

  • In addition to joining our program as a mentee, you can also become a mentor. All you need is a good understanding of how classrooms work, a good teacher’s intuition and a lot of experience. You should be able to ask questions but above all you need to be a good listener. Experience with mentoring or coaching is a plus, but not a requirement. We can help you gain the experience you need.

    Those who help others also stand to gain a lot. Being a mentor in the program and interacting with your mentees and other teachers helps you grow. You will have the opportunity to attend training sessions and improve your mentoring skills. Last but not least, you will gain new contacts and inspiration from our community of teachers.

What it looks like when great teachers meet

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