For Slovaks living abroad


Are you building a career abroad? Or are you studying at a foreign university but you still have an interest in Slovakia? Maybe you simply want to move back after graduating.

We will connect you with progressive companies and initiatives in Slovakia. They can either offer you a job or you can help them from abroad. If you decide to move back to Slovakia, we can assist you with your return. If you’re still hesitating, we can provide you valuable advice and the information you need.

Why do we do this in the first place? Because we believe that big things can be achieved in Slovakia too. We are also convinced that people who have gained experience, know-how, habits and values abroad can contribute to a better quality of life in our country.


For Slovaks living abroad

  • Join a community of inspiring Slovaks where you live or anywhere in the world.You can share advice, gain business contacts or just go grab a drink together.Our goal is building an online community and we also organize meetups both abroad and in Slovakia.

    The SPAP community meetups
  • If you’re considering returning to Slovakia, we can arrange interesting work opportunities and provide useful information that will make it easier for you to come back. We are primarily looking for candidates for senior positions in Slovakia.

    If you haven’t considered returning yet because you’re still studying at a foreign university but you want to stay in touch with Slovakia, you can apply for our professional internships in progressive companies, public institutions and NGOs.

    If returning to Slovakia isn’t something you’re interested in, you can at least take a look at the stories of those who have come back so far. Maybe you will find them inspiring.

  • You can even help Slovakia from abroad. Our Skill-Based Volunteer Program is where we create volunteering opportunities for Slovak professionals living both in Slovakia and abroad. If you are an expert in a particular field, we can put you in touch with a non-profit organization that can benefit from your skills and experience.

    You can also help our high school students when they work on extra-curricular projects, need inspiration or want to know more about studying abroad. They would appreciate your experience and mentoring in the TalentGuide mentoring program.


For slovak companies, institutions and non-profit organizations

Our network of supporters and partner organizations is always expanding. We help them take advantage of the potential that the Slovak diaspora has. We help companies, public institutions, non-profits and even individual projects from our community.

If your company sees great potential in people with international experience and you are looking for managers, specialists or young people with a great drive, let us know.

In addition to working for companies and organizations directly, Slovaks from abroad can also share their expertise remotely – whether it is to expand your business abroad, gain contacts or do volunteer work.

Returnees from abroad discussing the LEAF Award

Has LEAF sparkled your interest and you would like to participate in our other activities?

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