About LEAF


We want Slovakia to be a country where everyone can live a good and happy life.

We believe that Slovakia has the potential to be a strong country with successful and globally competitive companies. We are convinced that an efficient public administration can build trust in the government and create a general atmosphere of trust among people. This way, Slovakia can become the Finland, Switzerland or Singapore of Central Europe – a country that every Slovak can be proud of.

However, making this vision a reality will require a strong generation of future shapers in the private and public sectors – people who will promote world-class quality and strong moral values in our country.

This is why we help young people work on their personal and professional development.

We do so regardless of their social background or financial situation. All they need is determination and a potential to become future shapers of Slovakia who will demonstrate four core values:

  • Ethics – a set of moral principles based on courage, respect, humility and the conviction that each individual matters.
  • Excellence – a holistic personality exceptional in one or two areas fueled by an inner drive, endless curiosity and resilience.
  • Entrepreneurial leadership – a drive for constant improvement powered by high aspirations, a healthy dose of risk-taking and the ability to inspire others to be the change that they want to see.
  • Civic engagement – a commitment to selflessly improve one’s community based on gratitude and caring for others. A commitment driven by a local heart, an interest in the region, and a global mindset.

Our programs provide support for talented young people aged 10-35 in order to help them succeed in their life’s journey.

We help high school students (and in time even younger ones) achieve their full potential, aiming to offer them a world-class education.

We help Slovaks studying or working abroad stay in meaningful contact with Slovakia and we also assist them when they decide to return home.

We help young professionals from various companies develop their talent and we support them so that they don’t lose their core values in such a competitive environment.

We also have programs for teachers since they serve an indispensable role in the development of the next generation.

We want to help young people write their inspiring life stories, hoping that these stories can build a successful future for our country.