The idea for the new organization and the funding came from several shareholders of HB Reavis, acting as private individuals. Our team relies on the diversity of people and their experience in business, public sector, education and adult learning, both in Slovakia and abroad. True to our mission, we aspire to attract people who value high quality, personal integrity, humaneness and respect for others.

Attracted by LEAF’s mission?

Eager to have impact and open for new opportunities? We are looking  for colleagues with similar mindset. Currently we would welcome help with the following challenges: 



Branislav Kleskeň

Branio, formerly a Partner at McKinsey & Company, has extensive experience from several continents in improving corporate performance, building new businesses, and improving education.  He draws energy from enjoying the present (being with his wife and three children, playing ice hockey and music) and dreaming about the future (learning, building new initiatives, unleashing human potential).

Branislav Jakabovič

For 10 years, Branio supported several European companies on their transformation journeys as a McKinsey consultant. Later, he led the transformation of Kooperativa, an insurance company in the Czech Republic. Branio holds a Master's in Management from Comenius Univesrity, and an MBA from Kellogg in Chicago. He loves life, smart people, rock music, sports, positive mood, and his family. "Thoughts lead to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character, and character fixes our destiny."

LEAF Academy

Matej Sapák

Matej has experience from public administration, business and education. He was advisor at the ministries of finance and education and he co-authored the knowledge economy strategy of Slovakia. In his spare time, he helps organize summer schools for high school students, judges at the world debating championship and teaches. He has degrees from Harvard College and from Harvard Law School.

Chris Cheney

Chris has twenty-five years of experience in education as a teacher, coach, advisor, department head, college counselor and senior administrator. Chris has spent his entire professional life preparing young leaders for maximum impact in their careers and communities. Chris has worked at top boarding schools in the United States and internationally. Chris earned a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard University in Administration, Planning and Social Policy.

Iva kleinová

Iva has experience from the private, public and nonprofit sectors. As a deputy to the plenipotentiary for knowledge economy, she helped implement the Slovak innovation strategy. During studies, she measured the added value of the New York City Fire Department. She has degrees from Princeton and Columbia universities, where she met her husband, with whom she is now raising their small son. Iva enjoys discussions with people much more knowledgeable than she is.

Eva trenková

Eva worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company for 7 years, specializing in improving business perfomance and motivation. She was also active in the real estate business. Eva has 2 small daughters and with them came back the virtue of enjoying the present moment. She loves outdoor sports, beach volleyball and hot yoga. “Face reality as it is, not as it was, or as you wish it to be.” ― Jack Welch

TAMARA Bobáková

Tamara has experience advising organisations in the private and public sectors. She was a management consultant specialised in pricing and healthcare, worked for a Brussels start-up, interned for the European Parliament, and wrote about Hidden Champion companies from Slovakia. In her spare time, she facilitates workshops at summer schools and mentors high school students in their university choices. Tamara has lived in half a dozen countries on three continents, and she holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and Masters degrees from Sciences-Po Paris and the London School of Economics.

matúš kurian

Matus enjoys teaching at high school as much as he enjoys theoretical physics. After six years spent at Jur Hronec Grammar School, he went to African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg for a year. His leisure activities include academic debating, trekking and running marathons. He also holds a brown belt in judo.


Stanislav has 20+ years of expertise in HR management and development. He has experience with talent management and development programs in a multinatinational environment (Coca-Cola Hellenic). He enjoys teaching, learning, change, discovering, coaching, inspiring,... “Don’t promise to do or boast that you have done; let your deeds speak for you.” John Amos Comenius

Hana Skljarszka

As a Youth delegate, Hana  represented Slovakia at the United Nations 68th General Assembly in New York. Her focus has been on enabling education and civic participation of youth in Slovakia. For several years she also worked for Slovak Debate Association as a trainer, mentor and project manager. Alongside LEAF,  she also studies sociology at the Masaryk University in Brno. 

Ľubica Vladulovičová

Lubica formerly worked as a HR generalist at Alcatel-Lucent in United Arab Emirates, and as a recruiter at Accenture Technology Solutions, Slovakia. She also co-created business innovation with young entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic.  Lubica studied macroeconomics at Matej Bel University in Slovakia and is also a graduate of Young Managers Program at IEDC, Slovenia.

Julia Itin

A transplanted German in Bratislava, Julia has a background in cultural science, combined with a passion for formal and non-formal education, culture and NGOs. In addition to her Heidelberg University career she created, developed and managed multigenerational non-formal cultural education programs. Before joining LEAF she worked in the international film industry where she was responsible for international relations in creative sector and funds acquisition & management. In this function she also delivered university trainings on international relations, communication, leadership and fundraising. In her LEAF-free time she is co-producing WeFour+ talk show, a Visegrad neighborhood conversation and enjoying the Slovak outdoors together with her dog.

Zuzana Floreková

After finishing her master degree in strategic management, she worked as a business coordinator and a team leader for Swiss Re for 4 years. She used to visit children in hospitals and help with organising summer campus as a volunteer for non-profit organisation Klub detskej nádeje. Occasionally, she helps with family business and in Fellowship of Ladislav Hanus ngo. She loves Liptov region, mountains, running, chocolate and talking with people. 

Jana Klagová

Jana studied English and Slovak at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She has more than 15 years of expertise in education. She was a co-founder of CS Lewis Bilingual High School, where she worked as a teacher, a principal and a college-counselor. During her 6-month stay in the USA, she had an opportunity to visit various high schools and universities. She also completed an online course on Formative Assessment at the University of Oregon. She enjoys cooking and baking non-traditional meals in her free time.

Peter Reťkovský

A new team addition from Slovakia, Peter has a background in International Relations. He has lived in the USA, Colombia, and South Africa, and is passionate about different cultures and their interactions. He has worked in project management and export promotion, while at the same time delivering soft-skills trainings, as well as high-school and college-level classes in Economy, History, European Integration, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Martina Menichová

After finishing her master’s degree in economic diplomacy in Bratislava and working in an international company, Martina was led by her curiosity to further studies at MA programme of nationalism at the Central European University in Budapest. Here she developed her passion for the issues of minorities, including prejudice and stereotype mitigation. With strong practical and organizing skills, an eye for a detail and caring for others, she has gained work experience at summer camps and other events for students. She loves crafting, gardening, and learning foreign languages (German, Italian, Hungarian).

Student development programs

Stanislava gajdošová

Stanka helped create the educational offer and methodology of Scouting Slovakia. She is an instructor and a co-author of several programme handbooks and the book “100 games for personal development”. For six years, at the European Youth Card Association she was working to establish and implement quality standards and a “maximising impact” strategy for 40 national organisations. She is passionate about scouting, educational games, the Bratislava Hanus days festival and supporting young people to find their mission in life. „One man can change the world, but he cannot do it alone“.

Veronika Trulíková

Veronika studied international relations in Bratislava and at Central European University in Budapest. She coordinated international relations at a transport company and has also experiences from working in a corporate and nonprofit sector. She has finished her external studies of applied informatics (Bc) in 2016. She was an actvie member of Scouting Slovakia and organized youth exchanges to support the open air museum in Zuberec. She likes yoga, travlling and believes in the power of an honest and free communication in encoutner groups.

Tomáš Beniak

Tomas loves philosophy and is especially interested in questions of ethics and morality. Tomas worked as a teaching assistant at Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts. He prepared students for state exams, evaluated essays, tutored and was mediating discussion groups. Tomas also helped to organize summer and winter schools for international students. For the last three years he also worked as an online marketer. Tomas loves good books, which make us contemplate difficult questions of life. He loves to play squash and recently found a passion for swimming, thanks to his wife. 

LEAF Award

Miroslav Kocúr

Miroslav obtained a PhD in theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, he was the founding principal of the C.S. Lewis Bilingual High School in Bratislava, Trainings Coordinator at the company Legrand Slovakia, Assistant Professor at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts (where he still teaches), and the Executive Director of the non-profit Via Iuris. "I do not believe in miracles, I count on them."

Miroslava Dudášová

While studying media and communication at University she's been active in community work in her hometown Sered, where she also opened community center of education and fun called PRIESTOR. In the third sector there she’s been working in youth policy field with Youth Council of Trnava Region and with Trnava Volunteer Center as well. As a true workholic she loves strong coffee that turns into wine in the evening.

Training & Development of Teachers

Dávid Králik

David loves the Beatles, beer, writing, guitar playing, camping, (challenging) teaching (situations), adventure, and his wife and children. He did a bit of this and that in the past... judging world fencing championships, writing a book, playing in a band... but he spent most of his time - and got most pleasure from - teaching. "We don't decide what times we live to see. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us..." Gandalf

Jana M. Balážová

After her university studies she spent a year at Frensham Heights School teaching Spanish to the British, English to the foreign students and helping as a Visiting House Tutor. Upon her arrival to Slovakia she joined the team of C.S. Lewis Bilingual High School as a teacher, coordinator of the tutoring programme for students and a member of the school management. At present she is fully engaged in supporting teachers. Besides education her heart belongs to her husband, art, nature and freedom.

Slovak Professionals Abroad Program

Jana Trnovská

Jana lived for the last 10 years abroad, most of it in Thailand, Great Britain, France and airplanes. She studied at University College London, London School of Economics, King´s College and Sciences Po Paris. She has worked in both business and public administration. She has dedicated time to working with marginalised communities in Thailand and France. As a passionate volleyball captain, she led several teams to victories in both national and international championships.

Michal Kovács

Michal loves life. He fears narrow-mindedness. He hates the “can’t do” attitude, so he decided to contribute to uprooting this expression. He started by establishing two institutions, now he's helping develop a third. “Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.” Vaclav Havel

Pavol Pčola

Pavol worked as an auditor for Deloitte and VÚB. Looking for change and new experience, he obtained an MBA from Wharton, Philadelphia, and afterwards worked five years as a trader for Goldman Sachs London. He is an international chess master.  “There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” Epictetus

Zuzana Šottová

Zuzana studied International Relations in the UK, France and Hungary. After finishing her studies she returned to Slovakia to work in the public administration, where she helped implement a strategy for improving the NGO sector. In her spare time, she is engaged in building an NGO for supporting active citizens. She also enjoys travelling, cooking and doing various sports.

Viktória Skřivánková

After having spent 6 years in England and Benelux countries, Viki has decided to leave the safe harbour of EU law and returned to Slovakia.  She likes dry humour and people who are not afraid to take responsibility for their lives and the society they live in their hands. 

Skill-based volunteering program

Andrea Smolková

Over nearly 20 years worked as anesthesiologist and emergency doctor in different healthcare segments. She likes to teach, write, study, and explore the world. The curiosity drives her forward, while the joy is her biggest reward. “Do as much good as you can - as silently as you can.”

Safia Bagin

“Fall in love with some activity, and do it!" Richard P. Feynman
Safia has a rich experience in human rights, poverty reduction, youth empowerment and social enterprise. has managed tens of developmental programs in the Middle East and North Africa region in an attempt to support economic development and social justice of margenalized groups. Her life motto remains “Empathy”

Lucia Žišková

Lucia studied European studies and international relations at Comenius University in Bratislava. Within European voluntary service, her activities were focused on non-formal education and migration. She has experience with management of scholarship programs. Loves life, smiling people, new challenges and strolling around in nature.

Barbora Petrášová

She studied sociology at the Comenius University in Bratislava and spent part of her studies just a stone's throw away from the Arctic Circle in Sweden. After her studies she went for two years to "unfreeze" in Australia, where she managed a coffee shop. Today she is at home in Slovakia, working for LEAF and she is well :) She likes to travel, exercise yoga and make handmade soaps.

Talent identification

Petra Gondžúrová

After studying work- and social psychology she worked as a consultant in design and implementing assessment/development centers. Her two little children, fitness and studying psychology are her hobby. She is doing psychotherapeutic training in depth psychology. „Don´t do unto others what you don´t want others do unto you.“   

Andrej Zhaňač

Andrej is interested in psychology as a cultural phenomenon and studied the social and historical context of the development of psychology at the University of Edinburgh. Besides his Psychology studies at the Comenius University, he also studied at The of Collegium Anton Neuwirth. He has been working as an IT recruiter for the last two years and occasionally leads courses on philosophy.


Matúš švirloch

Or Mates, as he is known in advertising business, where he worked for more than 10 years in leading Slovak advertising agencies for major global, Slovak and foreign brands. He graduated from politology at the Trnava University in Trnava and worked for the Plenipotentiary for decentralization of public administration. As a volunteer he participates in administration of web-portal, organizes TEDxKežmarok event and engages in municipal matters. Matus loves his family, ice-hockey and beer.

Martin Charvát

Martin was born in Banská Štiavnica. During his studies at The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology STU he was passionate about working in students organizations – he led Students part of Academic senate and Students college council. He worked in the company WebSupport where he led the marketing department, later in the headquarters of Cord Blood Center group where he was responsible for online marketing in 6 countries. He likes driving, has a dog and plays ice hockey.

Denisa Beránková

Denisa vyštudovala žurnalistiku na Univerzite Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre a momentálne dokončuje magistra v komunikačných vedách na Viedenskej univerzite. Po rôznorodých skúsenostiach z mediálneho prostredia sa nakoniec našla v marketingu, a to predovšetkým v jeho online prostredí. Miluje kreativitu, hudbu, cudzie jazyky, osobný rozvoj, zmysluplné využívanie drahocenného času a komplexné nazeranie na veci. Ako dobrovoľníčka pomáhala okrem iných aj medzinárodnému divadelnému festivalu Divadelná Nitra a niekoľko rokov strávila aj v PR tíme Festivalu Lumen. 

Internal Support


Olga adores natural sciences, freedom and problem solving. She does not consider 100% to be the limit. “Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” Judy Garland

Katarína Búřilová

Katka graduated psychology in Bratislava and ended up spending next six years in business, more specifically in the area of human resources management.
She believes that work-life balance is just a myth if one does what trully satisfies and makes him/her happy.  In this vein, Katka now tries to use to use her know-how for the benefit of LEAF organisational development. In her spare time she continues her psychotherapeutical training, grows her dependance on good coffee and on crossing out yet un-visited countries of the world map. The current main contribution towards her own happiness is her little daughter.